Happy Monday everyone! 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Remember my cool High Waist Fringe detail Culotte from a few weeks back? Click here if you don’t remember! I was browsing through H&M and noticed the exact same material & details but in a skirt version. I couldn’t wait to try it on. Once I did it looked so pretty, so chic, so feminine and most importantly so ME!

Usually I would style neutral bottoms with an extravagant coloured top but I thought why not try something different? I love wearing colourful outfits but I surprisingly don’t mind neutral ones from time to time. It’s no secret but one of the many ways to make your basic (neutral shades) shine is to accessorize them with brighter tones.

The skirt comes with a belt (like the Culotte) to make it as tight as possible, in my case! I paired it with a Vintage White Blouse with Shoulder Pads, from Value Village.


It’s Summer time so why not get out of your comfort zone and pair this look with a bright yellow purse?


The colour of my purses & shoes rarely ever match! I know it can be hard for some individuals to relate but it’s just so much more fun when they don’t :p. Besides these hot pink heeled sandals and yellow purse make a mean combo.






Until next time, XOXO




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