Hi everyone!
In honour of my very first hotel review I’d like to dedicate it to my experience at Intercontinental hotel in Montreal.


I decided to pause things for a couple of hours, travel to Montreal and not think about anything else but to enjoy.

I stayed at Intercontinental, in the heart of Old Montreal. I actually didn’t arrive there until almost 7:00pm, traffic was just insane but I’m glad I made it safely!

As soon as I walked inside the guest room (King bed suite) I was welcomed by a sweet letter & a box of treats from the PR team. Which was so kind btw 🙂

Rushed to get ready as I had reservations at the Sarah B. Bar Absinthe (inside the hotel).

Picked a little private room corner to order my drink. Let’s talk about the decor for a second…it was gorgeous! Funky coloured Chandeliers, glass tables and my ultimate favourite ; brown fur decorative cushions.

The drinks were quite strong lol but delicious.

The following day I was clearly too lazy to get out of bed that I ordered room service breakfast. As you can see on the picture no words can describe a part from it being YUMMY! I’m a huge foodie so it was a major #foodporn moment.

Around noon I went down to the hotel’s Osco! restaurant.

Still recovering a little from the mega breakfast I had earlier I wanted to order something light. Cesar salad with Salmon, which I must say was one of the best salad I’ve had in a good while. Two thumbs up Osco!

My overall experience was amazing, the decor everywhere around the hotel was beautiful, great location and easy to get around. The staff were very kind and always ready to help out.


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