Skin care is something that many of us seem to not value as much we truly should, and for reasons far beyond aesthetic ones. Evidently, most of us want beautiful looking skin to maintain a good appearance, and even to make ourselves feel good. But beyond that; the skin is the body’s largest organ in size which means we must keep eating healthy and moisturized at all cost to keep it strong and infection free. Not only is our skin at the forefront of our appearance, but it is also there to protect our body; so why not keep it clean, healthy and blemish free! Dermis Advanced Skin Care is an establishment that not only understands the importance of good skin care, but they work hard in establishing services that help you rejuvenate/maintain good skin, and even help combat those tough blemishes. With their experienced team of medical practitioners, they offer an array of services such as acne removal, scar reduction, even vein removal and a lot more. I honestly cannot name a service of theirs that is a public’s favorite as they all are; it simply comes down to the one that is best for you considering your skin type and skin problems.

I went to their customer appreciation event on October 11th and it was such an eye opener seeing all the services that are out there to better your skin, and even learning about skin issues that we may not even notice! Apart from the services they offer, they also sell a variety of products so you don’t have to solely depend on their treatments.

And the best? Their consultations are free! They are located in Downtown Ottawa, at 116 Albert St Suite 110. Definitely pop in there for a visit, you won’t regret it!



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